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The ALO-SKINS Foundation

conceived and founded by Julie Ellis, owner of Skins Body Clinics, exists to help people, especially children, who suffer from alopecia: an auto-immune disease that destroys, either partially or completely, hair follicles.

This autoimmune disease is characterized by the partial or total loss of hair follicles. The ALO-SKINS Foundation was conceived and founded by Julie Ellis, owner of SKINS body clinics.

Following the diagnosis of her own daughter, Ms. Ellis founded the ALO-SKINS Foundation and undertook the search of replacement hair pieces and psychological support in order to comfort and assist those children afflicted with the disease.

The funds collected by the ALO-SKINS Foundation are given directly to people who lack the financial means to pay for a hair replacement piece, permanent make-up, eyelash extensions, psychological support, or simply a day at a beauty salon to regain some of their self-esteem. 

In addition, the founder of Skins Body Clinics gives donors a gift certificate representing 20% of the funds received, redeemable at a Skins Body Clinic.  Income tax receipts are also provided.